Irregularity detection. Simple and effective.
Resguarda Specialist

Reduce the cost of internal fraud by 60%.

Quickly detect theft, embezzlement, and any other kind of undesirable activity which may damage the development of your organization with an ethical line.

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Reliable and secure ethical line

Implement a secure and confidential ethical line in any type of organization (whether public or private). Make sure you are aware of everything that happens within your organization.

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We comply with the protection of personal data.

We comply with the laws of privacy of personal data in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and the rest of Latin America.


Certified Company
ISO 27001 – Information Security

Management system of information security throughout the reception, management, communication and denounce management process.

Iso Resguarda

Fraud prevention, control and detection through Ethical Lines.


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What we do

We offer anonymous, confidential and secure communication channels enabling your employees, clients, and suppliers to report abnormal situations, frauds and contingencies in the workplace or to provide feedback for the improvement of internal processes within public or private organizations.



Irregularity Reporting Channel - Ethical Line

We offer the most effective outsourced reporting channel service in the world for the prevention and detection of frauds and irregularities within your organization. In addition, our reporting channel improves organizational processes by preventing abnormalities and creating a good work environment and an environment of control. Our service is anonymous, confidential and secure.

Software for Internal Reporting Channel

We market a system that helps you implement your own internal Ethical Line and access a system for the classification, management, referral, and reporting of irregularities within your organization. We will advise you every step of the way.

Compliance and Ethical Standards

We develop ethical programs aimed at compliance with international standards and concrete results, in terms of improved work environment and organizational image, as well as corporate ethics and fraud reduction.

Fraud Investigation and Legal Support

We offer advice and planning for legal or private investigations, as well as legal support for issues associated with the relationship between the organization and its employees, clients and suppliers, and the applicable regulatory framework in case of workplace irregularities and contingencies.


  • Spain 900-975-278
  • United States 1-800-921-2240
  • Argentina 0-800-999-4636
  • Brazil 0-800-891-4636
  • Bolivia 800100605
  • Chile 800-835-133
  • Colombia 01-800-752-2222
  • Costa Rica 0-800-054-1046
  • Ecuador 1-800-000031
  • El Salvador 800-6988
  • Guatemala 1-800-835-0393
  • Honduras 800-2791-9047
  • Virgin Islands 1-855-861-9069 
  • Mexico 800-1233312
  • Nicaragua 001-800-2260469
  • Panama 011-00800-052-1375
  • Paraguay 009-800-521-0056
  • Peru 0-800-00932
  • Portugal 800-827782
  • Puerto Rico 1-855-7619289
  • Dominican Republic 1-888-760-0133 
  • Trinidad & Tobago 1-855-511-9561
  • Uruguay 000-4052-10128
  • Venezuela 0-800-162-7357