Welcome to the Royal Resorts line of ethics

This service is provided by Resguarda, an independent irregularities reporting company.
Your report is anonymous, confidential and secure.

How to make a report?

Complete the web form or use any of the other means available to make a anonymous and confidential report. Do not forget to include as much information about the facts.

800 123 3312 | 800 444 0597

+52 55 85261700

Follow up your Report

To follow up on your report, click on the following button. They must have the code assigned and delivered at the time of having fulfilled it.
Upon entering, you will be able to provide more details about the reported case and also attach evidence.

Once this information is included, it will be received by the Reception Committee of Royal Resorts, who can use it to guide the investigation and give you an answer.

Follow up

If you have any questions, please contact Resguarda at [email protected] or call 800 123 3312 | 800 444 0597.

Frequent Questions

Resguarda is an independent company that provides the complaints channel service to report irregularities, anonymously, confidentially and free of charge for all employees, suppliers and customers of a company.

Yes. Resguarda is an external and independent organization of Royal Resorts.

You can normally report the fact to Resguarda and it will be investigated independently without the accused being aware of the complaint.

Any situation that violates the company’s Code of Ethics, such as:

  • Internal fraud, theft, corruption and other similar irregularities.
  • Excessive harassment in the workplace, moobing and the like.
  • Gender discrimination and any other explicit discrimination.
  • Subtraction of the internal information of the company.
  • Conflict of interests.
  • Misuse of the organizations assets
  • Suggestion for improvements in internal processes.
  • Safety and internal hygiene aspects.

  • Free Phones: 800 123 3312 | 800 444 0597
    • Opción 1: Operator
    • Opción 2: Recorded Message
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Web forms.
  • E-chat at the bottom of this page
  • WhatsApp: +52 55 8526 1700.

It is not necessary to provide any personal data, reports can be completely anonymous.

You must use the complaint code provided at the time of making it. Enter the "tracking" section in report.resguarda.com/seguimiento or through this page.
Additionally, tracking can be done by an operator on the free number.

Resguarda provides these numbers only once at the time of making the complaint by phone, web or via email; therefore, it is recommended not to lose these access data and keep them in a safe place.