Alternative Reporting Channels         
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  • Option 2  |  Recorded Message
  • Option 3  |  Fax

Prevention, and detection of crimes Law 20.393, harassment and fraud.

A Resguarda operator will take your call and guide you through the reporting process. Having finished your report, you will be provided with a report number and password to keep track of your complaint.

What can you denounce?


• Bribery to a national or foreign public official

Engages in this conduct the person who gives or offers to a public official, an economic advantage to benefit him or a third party, to carry out actions that are his duties on his current position, in a certain way or failing doing it. These types of behaviors attempt to an undue influence of the conduct of public officials by making offers or in response to his request or any kind of direct o indirect economic benefit. It is considered a public official the person who works in employment relation with any public body as also those who though not depending on the State, performs a public function. For example, certifying agencies, notaries, etc. Other example, the payment made (or its promise) to a municipal prosecutor to avoid a negative report, or the application of sanctions or fines.


• Laundering assets

Engages in this conduct the person who carries out any act aimed at concealing or disguising the illicit source of certain goods, knowing that they proceed from the commission of crimes related with illegal drug trafficking, terrorism, weapon trafficking, child prostitution promotion, kidnapping, bribery and others. For example, to purchase goods from a supplier known as being engaged in illicit activities, like the above mentioned, who masks his income this way and you taking the advantage he offers a better price for the goods to be purchased.


• Financing of terrorism

Engages in this conduct the person that, by any means, request, collects or provides funds intending to be used in terrorist activities. For example, buying goods or engaging services of a supplier known for parallel terrorism activities who finances such activities by selling goods or providing such services.


• Mobbing in the workplace

Any conduct that constitute repeatedly aggression or harassment, exerted by a direct or superior authority, or by one or more employees against other or others employees, by any means and, that results for himself or for other people in dignity violation, mistreatment or humiliation as well as threatens or prejudice to his labor situation or opportunities in his job.


• Sexual Harassment

Any requirement or manifestation of sexual nature, non consented for whom has received it and that threatens or prejudice his labor situation or opportunities in his job.


• Fraud

The undue payment made to suppliers, the inclusion of individuals on payrolls, receiving bribes from suppliers, theft of merchandise, assets or securities, unauthorized expenditures and purchases, etc.



Is important to consider that this Whistleblower Channel must be used responsibly, knowing that providing false information o intending to harm others can be the cause of civil or criminal procedure. Try not to make the denounce under state of perturbation, pressure or any altered state. Remember to make your report as clear, complete and accurate as possible, specifying the facts which constitute the situation or denounced conduct by providing details, if possible the backgrounds, date, time and the identified involved. In case is needed, it will be required further information. The Whistleblower Channel is not a service for claims or emergencies. .