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This service is provided by Resguarda, an independent reporting and irregularity company. Your report is anonymous, confidential and secure.

You are about to enter a report related to Prohibited Practices.

You may denounce any practice related to fraud, corruption, coercion, collusion, or obstruction related to projects or operations executed with CABEI financing.


You are about to enter a report related to Environmental / Social.

You can report potential effects related to environmental and social risks or impacts associated with operations financed with CABEI resources or administered by it.

Your report will reach the Environmental and Social Office for validation.


The mechanism for addressing environmental and social reports or complaints of the BCIE will process personal information in accordance with the information access policy. The CABEI will not disclose any information that may reveal your identity without your consent.

You are about to enter a report related to Ethics / Code of Conduct.

You may report violations of ethical standards or code of conduct by CABEI personnel.

Your report will reach the Ethics Committee for validation.


You are about to submit a report related to internal enviroment managment

You can report Irregularities or environmental impacts generated by the operation of their facilities and/or buildings


You are about to enter a report related to any other irregularities not covered in incidents that preceded.

You may report an unusual operation of Money Laundering / Financing of Terrorism, non-compliance with sanctions regulations, complaints in the acquisitions process and any other irregularity you consider.


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China and Korea Republic: (+54) 11 4850 0820    |    Colombia: 01 800 752 2222
Costa Rica: 0 800 054 1046    |    Cuba: (+54) 11 4850 0810
Dominican Republic: 1 888 760 0133     |    El Salvador: 800 6988
Guatemala: 1 800 835 0393     |    Mexico: 800 123 3312
Honduras: 800 2791 9047 (Hondutel y Tigo) - (+504) 2240 2349
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To enlarge your report click the option “expand report”, you must have the report code assigned and delivered at the time of having made it.

By logging in, you can provide more details of the reported case , as well as attach evidence. Once this information is included, it will be viewed by the company's CABEI, which can use it to guide the investigation.

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If you have any questions, please contact Resguarda at [email protected] or the toll-free number for your country.


Frequent Questions about the Report Channel of BCIE

  • Mail Box.
  • Reporting Channel.
  • E-mail.
  • Voice Mail.

Through this means they may report complaints about the commission of irregularities or prohibited practices (fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, obstruction) in the use of CABEI resources or the funds administered by it. Likewise, events related to environmental and / or social issues associated with projects financed by CABEI, issues about the violations of ethics or standards of conduct by CABEI employees and any other complaint.

Yes, the internal regulations of CABEI establish that the identity of the informant and the reported person will be treated confidentially, as well as all the information derived from the processes that are executed from the receipt of a complaint.

It is any natural or legal person, other than CABEI staff, including persons or entities that maintain or intend to maintain a relationship with CABEI, such as borrowers, beneficiaries, recipients of cooperation or aid, executing agencies, project supervisors, consultants or suppliers of financial resources or goods and services.

Any person (natural or legal) including CABEI staff or Related Third Parties can make a report / complaint.

It is not mandatory to present supporting documentation or evidence of the case. However, it is important that the reporter / complainant submits, if possible, the supporting documentation or evidence of the case to have more elements to support the complaint.

Yes, there is a limit time. CABEI will not count cases that are older than 10 years.

Yes, CABEI will only accept reports / complaints related to any activity, project or operation derived from products and services financed with its own funds or managed by CABEI.

Resguarda provides these numbers only once at the time of making the complaint by phone, web or via email; therefore, it is recommended not to lose these access data and keep them in a safe place.

Any event or irregularity that cannot be classified within the categories of Fraud / Corruption in CABEI projects, Environmental / Social or Ethics / Standards of Conduct for CABEI staff.


Questions about Fraud / Corruption (Prohibited Practices)

They are all complaints related to prohibited practices such as fraud, corruption, collusion, obstruction and coercion and that represent acts carried out deliberately by someone in order to obtain a benefit in the operations, projects or funds of CABEI or administered by it.


Questions about Environment / Social

They are all those events derived from the implementation of Development Interventions activities financed with CABEI resources related to environmental and / or social risks or impacts that negatively affect neighboring communities.

A person, group of people or community that has been or may be affected by adverse impacts of a CABEI operation.

Directly through the CABEI Reporting Channel in writing, by email [email protected] or through a voicemail on the official CABEI website https://etica.resguarda.com/BCIE/es/index.html, reception is automatic and the links and access to this digital medium are publicly accessible.
Filed by the interested parties to any CABEI official during visits to the operation, or they are sent at any time to CABEI staff by letter or verbally.

  • Identification of the project to which it refers;
  • Description of what happened in as much detail as possible, describing the impacts negative effects of the project and the affected population associated with the operation linked to CABEI.
  • Identification of the claimants, including contact information, indicating whether they wish to that your identity remain confidential. In case it is formulated by a representative, include the name, signature and contact information and prove in writing the authority of the representative to act as such.
  • Describe the possible solution you expect.
  • Evidence or supporting information.


Questions about Ethics / Standards of Conduct

Any irregularity, conduct, behavior or actions contrary to the values, standars of conducts and code of ethics involving CABEI personnel, such as: abuse of authority, harassment, discrimination, conflict of interest, internal fraud or others.


Questions about Internal Environmental Management

a) Reporting Channel.

They are all those incidents that arise from the operation of the facilities/buildings of CABEI or practices that affect/compromise the implementation of its Environmental Management System.

For example, you can report items that are present at CABEI facilities/buildings associated with:

a) Environmental affectation due to spillage of fuel, oil or other chemical substances.
b)Sound pollution, light pollution and pollution.
c)Obstruction of public roads.
d)Poor management of waste generated at the facilities.